Laura Dunkin-Hubby is an artist, mail artist and art historian from Palo Alto, California. She earned her BA in art history from Sarah Lawrence College in 2007 and her MA in art history from San Jose State University in 2014. She currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.


artist statement

I began my artistic career as a mail artist, which I approached primarily from a collage perspective. However, in the past couple of years, I have embarked on several new bodies of work using a variety of media including acrylic and watercolor paint, ink, collage, photocopy, etc. In my Watercolor I series, I experimented with both painting and collage. But being a collage artist and art historian at heart, I wanted to challenge the notion of the fetishization of the artist's hand. I photocopied my original abstract watercolor paintings for my Watercolor II series so that I could use all collage pieces and no actual paint in the final works, thus defying the idea that to be considered "real art" there must be evidence of the artist's hand.

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